Tribute Fund

“Everyone whose spirit motivated him brought offerings for the work of the Tent of Meeting.” Exodus 35:21

Tributes are donations to Ahavas Torah in honor of, in memory of, or for the recovery from illness of a loved one or friend. When a tribute is made, a card is sent on your behalf to the person or to the family of the person, and the tribute is published in the Ahavas Torah newsletter.

Please furnish the following information:

  • Name of donor, including e-mail address
  • Name of card recipient, including mailing address


  • In honor of
  • For the recovery of
  • In memory of

The minimum donation for a tribute is $10. The amount donated will not be disclosed to the card recipient. Please send your check together with the requested information to Ahavas Torah, 2935 Onyx St., Eugene, OR 97403.
Thank you.